Wouldn’t CourseHero be more reliable? Not necessarily

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From what I’ve read, Course Hero can take up to 3 days or more for ‘processing your unlocks.’ I’m not sure what processing is required, but it can take them 3 days. Another problem is that their payment system breaks a lot. I am not exaggerating when I say that dozens of times, I’ve had my card denied by Course Hero because their payment system is down. Even when trying to pay through other means, I get the same error message: Payment failed.

Is that what you would call reliable? Taking days to credit accounts assuming that their payment is working is not my definition. Going through customer service doesn’t help either. If you try to go digitally, they ask for your CC number and take more than 24 hours to respond (Mondays-Fridays only). Personally, I don’t trust random minimum age workers that I’m emailing enough to give them open access to my accounts. And then you have to worry about what happens if they’re hacked. Chegg was hacked recently and I’d be willing to bet their business practices are more reliable than Course Hero.

Am I reliable? Well, my average response time is under 30 minutes. That’s 144 times faster than 3 days. Course Hero may not be able to get your document in time for you to finish your homework, prep for your test, etc. but I could. While CourseHero’s payment system may be down, buying an Amazon Gift Card almost certainly will be a viable option. Plus, my site never goes down for scheduled maintenance. I do not keep any records of your details, so if my site gets hacked, none of your information will be leaked. I also run security audits on my site so that you do not have to worry. But, in the eventuality that my website gets hacked, you haven’t given me any personal information, so you will not become a victim.

Given that I beat Course Hero in all these criteria, I would call myself more reliable. I’ve done thousands of unlocks as evidenced by my rep. And according to this post, my customers find me reliable too. If you’re convinced, you should buy here. It may not be how to view CourseHero documents for free, but it’s cheap. Only $1.50 per unlock.