[UPDATE] Recent Major Changes

Here are major changes that affect all my customers:

  • Automatic Unlocker is currently unavailable A new Automatic Unlocker is available!
  • Payments will be handled through Stripe credit card processor instead of Amazon
  • Prices have increased to $2 per manual unlock and $1.50 per Chegg link

Unfortunately, Amazon and I had to terminate our relationship. Once I was receiving too much money, they decided to ban me from the platform outright.  Their customer service was no help. Sending a chat or an email would lead me to be told to call. A call would direct me to reach out to email. And it went back and forth without a solution. In total, I lost money last month.

Since the automatic unlocker relied on Amazon payments, it currently is not operational. It will take quite a bit of work to bring it back with our new payment processor: Stripe. Lots of companies use Stripe, including Reddit, Lyft, Udemy, and many more. Stripe will handle all the payment details, so I will never see your credit card details.  While Stripe may be more convenient and faster, it charges substantially more fees. Every transaction costs me 30 cents plus 2.9%. There are also other fees that I may have to pay, depending on volume, payout type, etc. Thus, I’ve had to increase my prices. Just to integrate Stripe to my website costs several hundred dollars a year. Hopefully, I’ll be able to return to my old pricing model, but it is unlikely.