Reviews from Past Customers

Following the video is many reviews written by real customers and their real opinions. Some are from Reddit, others from emails, and a few from a survey I ask customers to fill out at the end. The ones that were already public are linked and attributed.

I can’t afford to buy this textbook for $40 as an ebook and I don’t have the time to wait for the cheaper paperback to shipped in 2 weeks. If you could send me this pdf textbook soon as possible (I’m already 2 assignments behind for this summer course) I would greatly appreciate it and I wouldn’t mind continuing to do more business with you for my other courses.
Side-note: I visited another similar site like yours prior, but there was no way I could give out my billing info to such an un-creditable site (no offense). Your method of using Amazon gift cards sounds WAY safer to me.


Hey False! I just wanted to say that I stumbled upon your website/service after seeing someone talking about it on a Reddit post. I really appreciate the speed of which you provided me the document, and I will definitely be a return customer! I’ve completed your survey and hope you have a wonderful weekend! Thanks again 🙂


The service was great. In fact I think you could even increase your pricing a little bit more according to the importance of the unlocks if my experience was the norm: For example, in my opinion, textbooks docs can go for something as high as $5.00 just due it’s necessity, while fully completed projects, quizzes, and assignments can also go anything $3 or less! Of course, individual docs & Q&As can stay the same price.


Thank you so much!!! I have been looking for someone to unlock documents for me but they seemed too much so i was considering getting a membership until i came across your page ! Finally one thats affordable!! Will be sure to keep using you and pass you onto my friends 🙂
Thank you 😀 I just filled out the survey 🙂


I’d never used this kind of thing before and I understand we all need to make our money. What you provided me was WELL WORTH what I paid, so thank you.


Got me a set of essential notes that I didn’t have and needed for a major assignment. Very quick and simple process. Will be using again soon. Thanks again!


Needed a document very quickly. Received in a few minutes after payment. You are my go to from this point on!


Awesome service! Fast response and received documents right away! Can confirm a Course hero unlocked definitely recommend seller! *2nd purchase Thanks Bro!


Once again came through immediately, super amazing service. Honestly, just floored by how awesome it is.


Here to verify and show appreciation to False1512 for helping me unlock a Coursehero document. Saved me from an evening of headache and anxiety when my assignments became too much to handle. Thank you for your service.


For more reviews of my service, you should check out my reputation pages. I have so many at this point, but here’s one and another and another. And for more proof of legitimacy, you can read my thorough post on why you should trust me.