Proof that Stripe is Trustworthy

Since we have moved to Stripe credit card processing and now require card details, I am making this post to hopefully put new customers at ease. Stripe will process all of your credit card details and we, nor anyone but Stripe, will have access to your card details. But, since this is a company that many have not heard of, I will prove Stripe’s trustworthiness.

Many large companies use Stripe. Some examples are Reddit and Lyft. There’s also a lot of major nonprofits such as Unicef, NPR, Habitat for Humanity, and Kahn Academy. Since these organizations trust stripe, I feel like I can confidently trust them too.

Stripe is also dedicated to the security of your payments. To get technical, all card numbers are encrypted at rest with AES-256. Decryption keys are stored on separate machines. None of Stripe’s internal servers and daemons are able to obtain plaintext card numbers; instead, they can just request that cards be sent to a service provider on a static whitelist. Stripe’s infrastructure for storing, decrypting, and transmitting card numbers runs in separate hosting infrastructure, and doesn’t share any credentials with Stripe’s primary services (API, website, etc.). These standards make Stripe extremely secure. In fact, Stripe is a PCI Service Provider Level 1 which is the highest grade of payment processing security.

To summarize, Stripe handles all your payments safely and securely. I never see your credit card information, so even if you don’t trust me (though you should), you don’t have to. All you have to trust is Stripe, one of the most reputable payment processors out there.