Proof of 100% legitimacy

Thousands of CourseHero unblurs delivered already

I have several CourseHero Accounts. The following are screenshots from my phone. Slightly edited as to not reveal my account or the courses I personally use.

Proof of unlocks 1- 44 unlocks in my account
This first image shows that at the time of the screenshot, I had 44 unlocks available in this account to us. It’s one of my several accounts.
Proof of unlocks 1- 2500 unlocks delivered in the past
On this account, I have unlocked 2183 documents and 143 tutor questions.

As you can see from the above, I have unlocked a lot of documents over the years. For even more context, this is my 15th account, but the first 5 or so did not have as many unlocks and the 10th account only has a few hundred.

Previous Reviews

I started selling my services on Reddit. For those of you familiar with Reddit, these links will make a lot of sense. However, if you’re new to Reddit, they may look weird. That’s okay. Basically, every comment is someone confirming a trade with me. A trade could be anywhere from 1 unlock to 100 unblurs.

Please note that almost all of those trades come from CourseHero and Chegg unblurs. Even more so, those consist of only Redditors. A few don’t, but still, prove reputation. The following rep profiles that involve tens of thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrency to be traded.

I also did a lot of charity both on Reddit and off Reddit. As far as on Reddit goes, this confirms 31 pizzas that I gave away to random strangers. Aside from Reddit, I have some proof of trades. One is the independent credo360 system that you can see. Another is Heatware, but only one person I’ve traded with had that system, so only 1 trade could be confirmed. I have conducted a survey from people who have bought from me (totally optional), which have shown very promising results.

Proof of unlocks videos

I have made two videos so far that show my proof of unlocks.

This video shows many documents that I have unlocked with another account. This doesn’t count for Q&A or Chegg or Scribd.

And this video shows the automatic unlock process. I consider it as proof as well because it shows there’s no funny business and if you wanted to, you could even type those URLs to check it out.

Web Traffic Proof

Over 10% of all traffic (not including search engine bots) return to my site within a week.

Returning to
This includes everyone, even non-customers

If we narrow it down to customers, Google Analytics does not have an easy way to measure returning versus new without removing the anonymity of my customers. I figured out how to do both, but it is hard to represent it well. The following statistics come from the last 3 days:

Proof of 100% legitimacy

That’s the number of customers who have returned on the same device on the right. On the left is the number of days. For 49 customers, the time is zero. 13 of those 49 bought at least twice on the same day. That means 36 out of 72 customers come back. 50% of my customers are new buyers, but since 50% are returning, that means I’m legitimate. If I wasn’t, they wouldn’t come back and buy more!

My Safe Browsing site status by Google is 100% safe.


I am clearly the most trusted seller of CourseHero, Chegg, and Scribd unlocks on the internet. There are a few others, but none of them have as many sales and as loyal of a customer base as I do, because of my speed, prices, reliability, and professionalism.

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