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What region of R in the xy-plane maximizes the value of double integral 9-5x^2-7y^2)dA. Answer as an inequality.

Can any one design and stimulate on lt spice a two-tone alarm circuit using 74HC14 schmitt trigger using two cells?

The shaft shown in the figure below is to be designed for sufficient static strength and fatigue durability

A refrigeration system cools a brine from 25°C to -15°C at a rate of 20 kg/s. heat is discarded to the atmosphere at a temperature of 30°C. The specific heat of the brine is 3.5 kJ/kg-K. a. b. c. What is the ideal power requirement (kW)? What is the ideal rate of heat removal (kW) from the system? If the thermodynamic efficiency of the system is 0.27, what is the actual power requirement and heat removal rate?

Minnesota Micromotors Simulation Solution – Score of 84 Guaranteed