How to Unblur Course Hero?

Hello Internet traveler! You’re likely here because you want a document on CourseHero, but unfortunately it is blurred. Well, I have some good news and bad news. The bad news is that there is no hack, no css trick, and no way to get past the blur without unlocking the document. The even worse news is that you can’t buy a single document- only subscriptions- and it costs $40 for just 1 month. And even then you have a limited number of unlocks. But, never fear! Your CourseHero Hero is here! I buy subscriptions in bulk and pass along the savings to you.

Now, to answer your question. To unblur Course Hero documents, just fill out the form on this very website. This form (hyperlinked) is all you need. So head over there and buy yourself a CourseHero Unlock with excellent service from me. The easiest and most professional seller around.