How to get Instant Access to Unblurred CourseHero Documents

You’ll see how easy it is to save money on your CourseHero subscription with an insane discount (no coupon needed) and save your grades with better study documents. A simple 3 step process will save you time, money, stress, and much more! Unblur your CoursHero documents for only $2.

  1. Find a good document

    This should be the easiest step. Whether it’s searching for your class on Coursehero or Googling a question from your textbook, this step is easy but important. Make sure that your file or QA actually has an answer, because CourseHero doesn’t give refunds!
    Pay attention to CourseHero Ratings
    Pay attention to the ratings. For example, this document is rated pretty well at 87% positive. Also important is the number in parentheses. That’s how many people have rated the document. Higher percentages and a higher number of raters are ideal and more likely to contain answers. Not all documents are rated, though. But if the preview has answers, at least some of the document will!

  2. Buy a $2 Gift Card

    Although this step seems odd, it is also important. This is how you will pay me. $2 is much cheaper than $40 (95% off CourseHero!). It usually delivers fairly quickly and is completely anonymous. Detailed nstructions for this step are available.

  3. Fill out the form and wait

    My automated CourseHero unblur bot is made to be convenient and fast. If a file has been downloaded before, it will take less than 30 seconds. If it’s new (which most are), it will still take less than 2 minutes. Below is a video that shows exactly how to do it with proof that it is legitimate.