What sites do you unblur?

I can do CourseHero, Chegg, and Scribd.

Are you still selling?

Yes! Whenever this website is up, I am providing unblurs. There may be times where I’m busy or unavailable for a few hours, as I am a person, but I am committed to providing unlocks.

Are there discounts for bulk orders?

If you’re looking to buy 10 or more CourseHero and/or StuDocu documents, you can use coupon code 10OFF10 for an additional 10% off.

How long will it take to receive the unlocks?

It can take just as little as a minute but don’t expect that kind of speed every time. My average response time is under an hour, but I do have to sleep and have a job so it may take longer. Anything over 24 hours and I’ll give a refund (I’ve never had to do that). You can see the last time I responded.

How can you unblur CourseHero so cheap?

I work with CourseHero directly to get a large discount for buying in bulk and with an associate program. I have server costs and take a little bit for my time (to pay off my student loans, ironically).

How can you unblur Chegg for so cheap?

I have a Chegg account that has unlimited unblurs. If you only need one or two answers a month, your savings will be significant. Even if it’s twice a week, you can still save money with my services.

How do you get Scribd so cheap?

It’s the same as Chegg. However, Scribd doesn’t have very much on it, so it’s almost definitely worth it to use my service.

Is it legal?

Yes, what I do is 100% legal. While Chegg has tried to take legal action against me a few times, their basis is never justified. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to counter-sue and that’s why I’ve had to take down free Chegg page several times. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep it up.

How can I know you’re legit?

It’s always hard to prove legitimacy without a doubt. However, I’ve collected many reviews over the years and confirmed many trades. I’ve also conducted surveys on the matter and shown that I have unlocked a lot of documents. For extensive proof, please see this post.

How do I buy?

You can buy CourseHero Unblurs and Chegg/Scribd Unblurs on their respective pages. They can be located in the top menu or through the search function.

Do you sell accounts or passwords?

No! Account sellers are always selling compromised accounts! This means that someone else is paying for it and they don’t know. It is illegal and immoral and we will never do that.