Donate to us at no cost to you!

It is sad to think about, but it is very possible that soon we may have to shut down or jack up our prices. We do not want this to happen, but with the many complications popping up every day, it is an unfortunate reality we may have to face. To prevent this, we’re trying to discover monetization methods that are a little unique.

Advertisements are some ways we make money without charging you. Another way is short links like this one that leads to the homepage. Unfortunately, short links often have annoying and spammy pop-up ads and only net about 3 cents per good link click. We could ask you to click on 67 short links for every single document you need, but that seems excessive and nobody would do that. Another way is through downloading files. This is also not very lucrative. It would take at least 300 different files downloaded to pay for a single unlock. Combining the two would still require 55 short links leading two downloads to equal the price of a single unlock.

These numbers are crazy high. However, they may help me run this business if we have to transition from taking payments. Therefore, please help us out by downloading a file after clicking a link below. Please note that all files are 6 bytes and text files. Due to the size and format, you can be sure that we’re not trying to give you a virus.

No short links, just files

Short links that lead to downloads

In addition, we accept actual donations in the form of cryptocurrencies. You can set your computer to run and mine for us or donate to them directly. Every single contribution is appreciated.

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