CourseHero Downloader

If you’re here, you’ve undoubtedly been searching the web for solutions to download Course Hero documents to only find expensive (40 freaking dollars!) or nonworking solutions. I promise that this article isn’t to sell you something over-priced or fake.

If you’re unfamiliar with CourseHero, it is a document-sharing website that has old tests, quizzes, homework, notes, presentations, and everything else students could ask for. Unfortunately, they charge pretty hefty fees. A whopping $40 plus tax per month just isn’t fair for limited access. Depending on your situation, CourseHero may be worth it. However, most students would benefit from our service.

What is our service? We buy Course Hero unlocks in bulk and resell them in smaller packages. By leveraging advertising and wholesaling, we’re able to offer a rate much cheaper than any other reseller out there. So if you want us to become your CourseHero downloader, buy from us and save money.