CourseHero (almost) free trial!

Need a CourseHero free trial? While there, unfortunately, isn’t one anywhere on the internet, you can still save tons of money off of a subscription by ordering your documents through us! 97% off Coursehero subscription! Get a Course Hero file for 3% of a monthly subscription fee! How? Well… Keep reading to find out!

Coursehero is an online file sharing platform where you can pay to unlock more than 20 million course-specific study resources. It has Study-Materials for courses of American, Canadian, Australian Universities! If you are studying at a university in these countries, you are more likely to find study materials belonging to your course on the website. However, The study materials are not available for free. You have to pay for a subscription to gain access to the contents.

Here are the plans that you would be forced to pay to get access:

  1. 1-month subscription= ~40 USD for 30 file downloads/month
  2. Quarterly subscription= ~60 USD for 30 file downloads/month
  3. Yearly subscription = ~120 USD for 30 file downloads/month

That is seemingly high in my opinion if you want a few files for your exams, or if you need a whole course containing lots of files. Let’s say that you want 3 documents to study for your finals. You could pay them $40 or pay me $4.50. If you wanted 100 (yes, there are people that need 100 files), it would set you back 4 months (considering you can only download 30 files per month)! If you work and go to school, which is hard enough, you shouldn’t have to empty your wallet for a little bit of help in your hard classes. So what’s the trick here? How you can get access to CourseHero free (almost)? How you unblur CourseHero files? Just read below!

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CourseHero Freeish Trial

Save your money, Save your grades!