Cheap CourseHero Unlocks: Answers, Images, or Documents for 95% off

Have you been working on an assignment for too long? Do you have a hard test coming up, but you know your professor reuses questions from previous years? Well, I have the solution to your problems: CourseHero Unlocks. Students from past years upload their assignments (usually filled out with the correct answers), and anyone can access them for a price. Unfortunately, the price charged by CourseHero is outrageous, with the cheapest subscription costing $40.

What if I don’t want to pay $40 for CourseHero Unlocks?

I can’t blame you for not wanting to pay their crazy subscription costs, and that’s where I come in. I buy yearly subscriptions to save some money and then pass the bulk of those savings off to you. At any given time, you can buy an unlock from me at 95% off without needing a coupon. However, if you want a coupon, I often run a few on Tik Tok and YouTube or the Course Hero coupon page.

Is This the Cheapest Way to Buy CourseHero Unlocks?

I won’t deny that there are a few other people that do this sort of thing for money. However, most of the other sellers range from $2.50 to $5 per unlock, whereas I only charge $2. These other sellers also take longer, whereas my average service time is under half an hour. Unlike the other sellers, I offer a 24-hour guarantee, so if I don’t send you your document within 24 hours, I will not only refund your money, but I will still send you the document you request. Finally, no other seller has as many public ratings from their customers as I do, which updates daily. See my reviews from past customers.

There are instances in which it may actually be cheaper for you to buy through CourseHero, but I am always willing to beat their price. Assuming you live in a place without sales tax (because I do not charge tax, but they do), if you order 20 documents, it will be the same price on my website as theirs. However, with the coupon code 10OFF10 on this website, you get 10% off. Therefore, it would actually take 23 documents for CourseHero to be cheaper. If you plan on buying this many, just send me a message through the contact form, and we can work out a good price.

Another problem with buying a subscription through Course Hero is that they limit the number of documents that you can use in a month. For $40, you can only unlock 30 documents in a month. If you want more, you have to buy a subscription for multiple months and wait over a month or use multiple accounts with paid subscriptions. What a rip-off! Don’t spend more money just to be more limited by a greedy company.

Can This Service Be Trusted?

This is also a fair question, which is why I have outlined several times proof that you can trust me. Earlier in this post, I have linked past customer reviews, which is one good example, but I still have much more proof that I can be trusted. Additionally, you can check out my YouTube and Tik Tok pages, where a few people have gone on their own to recommend me. Furthermore, I have uploaded several answers directly to this website that anyone can use for free as a sign of goodwill. Some of them are linked above, but there are tons more.

How Can You Know That I’m Still Active?

This blog post was written in early 2021, so that can be your first hint. But let’s say you stumble onto this page a couple of years after I’ve written it, and you want to be sure. The first thing is I will take this website down if I ever stop unlocking CourseHero documents. I have also written a program that scans my email to see when I’ve last responded to someone. Please do not send me a contact form asking if I’m still active because I have provided this information to tell you when.

What If You Have More Questions?

You can visit our FAQ to get the most common questions answered, but if that does not satisfy you, you can also contact me. I’m always willing to answer questions, but most of them are already answered on this website, so I may reply with a link that will give a thorough explanation. The service really is as simple as it seems, though: just send a link with your purchase and you’ll receive the unblurred version of your CourseHero unlocks via email.