This is how easy it is to buy! You can use the automated, near instant form ($2) or the manual one below ($1.50). Click on the link for the automatic service or use the following instructions for slower, but even cheaper service.

First, purchase an gift card for $1.50 from here. Send it to your own email and copy the redeem link. Instructions for that are here. Paste that into the Amazon Gift Card URL. Paste your Coursehero URL into the corresponding box. Make sure you type your email properly in the proper box. If you have multiple documents to be unlocked, you can buy 1 Gift Card for the proper value ($1.50 per CH link) and add the extra coursehero links in the message box. I will reply to the email provided with the unblurred version. There is no need to message to see if I still provide this service, as I will continue to do this as long as this website is up.

Don’t trust me? That’s perfectly reasonable. This is likely very different from what you’ve seen before. That’s why I’ve gone in depth to prove that you can trust me to get you your unlocks here.

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