CourseHero (almost) free trial!

Need a CourseHero free trial? While there, unfortunately, isn’t one anywhere on the internet, you can still save tons of money off of a subscription by ordering your documents through us! 97% off Coursehero subscription! Get a Course Hero file for 3% of a monthly subscription fee! How? Well… Keep reading to find out!

Coursehero is an online file sharing platform where you can pay to unlock more than 20 million course-specific study resources. It has Study-Materials for courses of American, Canadian, Australian Universities! If you are studying at a university in these countries, you are more likely to find study materials belonging to your course on the website. However, The study materials are not available for free. You have to pay for a subscription to gain access to the contents.

Here are the plans that you would be forced to pay to get access:

  1. 1-month subscription= ~40 USD for 30 file downloads/month
  2. Quarterly subscription= ~60 USD for 30 file downloads/month
  3. Yearly subscription = ~120 USD for 30 file downloads/month

That is seemingly high in my opinion if you want a few files for your exams, or if you need a whole course containing lots of files. Let’s say that you want 3 documents to study for your finals. You could pay them $40 or pay me $4.50. If you wanted 100 (yes, there are people that need 100 files), it would set you back 4 months (considering you can only download 30 files per month)! If you work and go to school, which is hard enough, you shouldn’t have to empty your wallet for a little bit of help in your hard classes. So what’s the trick here? How you can get access to CourseHero free (almost)? How you unblur CourseHero files? Just read below!

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CourseHero Freeish Trial

Save your money, Save your grades!

Automatic unlocks! 2-minute response

[UPDATE]: There is a new automatic unlocker. You can read about it here.


I’ve been working extremely hard to program an app to unlock CourseHero documents when I’m not available (or to do them faster even when I am). My goal was to create an instant CourseHero unlocking service and I came pretty darn close. It averages approximately 1 minute to unlock and serve a document, but depending on a variety of factors, it could take longer. If it takes more than a few minutes, there may be a problem and in that case, I can do it manually.

I am a self-taught hobbyist programmer at best, so problems may arise. I have done my best to incorporate error handling and debugging every test case possible. I may have fallen short somewhere or a server may crash. If that’s the case, you can always buy CourseHero Unlocks here and I will manually process them.

For best results please follow these steps below. I’ve programmed the app with the idea that you’d be following these steps.

Automatic CourseHero Unlocker

If any of the above requirements are an issue for you, you can still use the manual service. If you’re unsure how to find the Amazon Gift Card URL, look here.

Because this a new app hosted on a service that I’m not entirely sure that I’m going to use going forward, I have yet to purchase SSL (if you don’t know what that is, https:// indicates SSL). You may receive a warning from your browser, but you can ignore it because you aren’t inputting any personal information. You can buy automated CourseHero unlocks for cheap here. Please note that refreshing the page after hitting submit may cause an error. Once you hit submit, wait for the page to finish loading! If you reach a 500 Server Error, you can try refreshing but may have to buy the old way (manually).

Reviews from Past Customers

Following the video is many reviews written by real customers and their real opinions. Some are from Reddit, others from emails, and a few from a survey I ask customers to fill out at the end. The ones that were already public are linked and attributed.

I can’t afford to buy this textbook for $40 as an ebook and I don’t have the time to wait for the cheaper paperback to shipped in 2 weeks. If you could send me this pdf textbook soon as possible (I’m already 2 assignments behind for this summer course) I would greatly appreciate it and I wouldn’t mind continuing to do more business with you for my other courses.
Side-note: I visited another similar site like yours prior, but there was no way I could give out my billing info to such an un-creditable site (no offense). Your method of using Amazon gift cards sounds WAY safer to me.


Hey False! I just wanted to say that I stumbled upon your website/service after seeing someone talking about it on a Reddit post. I really appreciate the speed of which you provided me the document, and I will definitely be a return customer! I’ve completed your survey and hope you have a wonderful weekend! Thanks again 🙂


The service was great. In fact I think you could even increase your pricing a little bit more according to the importance of the unlocks if my experience was the norm: For example, in my opinion, textbooks docs can go for something as high as $5.00 just due it’s necessity, while fully completed projects, quizzes, and assignments can also go anything $3 or less! Of course, individual docs & Q&As can stay the same price.


Thank you so much!!! I have been looking for someone to unlock documents for me but they seemed too much so i was considering getting a membership until i came across your page ! Finally one thats affordable!! Will be sure to keep using you and pass you onto my friends 🙂
Thank you 😀 I just filled out the survey 🙂


I’d never used this kind of thing before and I understand we all need to make our money. What you provided me was WELL WORTH what I paid, so thank you.


Got me a set of essential notes that I didn’t have and needed for a major assignment. Very quick and simple process. Will be using again soon. Thanks again!


Needed a document very quickly. Received in a few minutes after payment. You are my go to from this point on!


Awesome service! Fast response and received documents right away! Can confirm a Course hero unlocked definitely recommend seller! *2nd purchase Thanks Bro!


Once again came through immediately, super amazing service. Honestly, just floored by how awesome it is.


Here to verify and show appreciation to False1512 for helping me unlock a Coursehero document. Saved me from an evening of headache and anxiety when my assignments became too much to handle. Thank you for your service.


For more reviews of my service, you should check out my reputation pages. I have so many at this point, but here’s one and another and another. And for more proof of legitimacy, you can read my thorough post on why you should trust me.

Why Choose

Cheap CourseHero Unlocks offers an affordable price for all of your CourseHero, Chegg, and Textbook needs. As the video demonstrates, we offer a near free price, great customer service, and most importantly, a good turn around time.

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We all wish that was free, but it, unfortunately, is not. In fact, it is very expensive for the average college student. But, you’re not the average college student because you’ve found this website! It costs $40 per month for a limited description. That’s total BS. So, I’m here to help. By buying in bulk, I can afford to sell you a document for 1 document for $2. That’s a saving of 95%!!!

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Don’t fret that CourseHero and free don’t go hand and hand! You can still get a crazy discount. While there may not be a free trial available, you can always view portions of documents that are unblurred with a suggestion from a comment in this thread on Reddit.

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