Is CourseHero legit?

CourseHero is an interesting website with an interesting origin story. They call themselves an education technology website and a “social learning network” where you can “give and get” information. But, yes, CourseHero is legit. The crowdsourced learning platform contains practice problems, study guides, infographics, class notes, step-by-step explanations, essays, lab reports, videos, user-submitted questions paired with answers from tutors, and original materials created and uploaded by educators. Their vision is to help every student graduate confident and prepared, and we work toward that vision by making it easy for students to share and discover resources, to get unstuck, to practice, and to understand the how’s and why’s of what they’re studying.

But, what is CourseHero, really? At the base, they’re a company started by Cornell students that understand the importance of sharing information across peers. In effect, this is a site that provides great notes to students with poor teachers or many absences. It is a site used for cheating as well. One professor’s homework can become another lazy teacher’s test. While I do not promote cheating, I never read the documents I unlock or know what your use is for your occasion. My service is very discreet and will not trace back to you. Interested? Visit the buy tab on this website (also on the homepage for your convenience).

Is CourseHero Worth it?

Course Hero Review
Your one stop review for deciding if is worth the price

Whether you’re a high school student trying to pass Algebra 1 or an Electrical Engineering Student at MIT working on your electromigration mitigation homework, CourseHero can help supply you a variety of materials to improve your grade and understanding. But, it comes at a hefty cost. At $40/month, they’re gouging students that need a little bit of help. This post will help you determine if you want to buy a subscription or if there are better alternatives

How many documents do you want?

If you’ve never purchased a subscription, you may be surprised to find out that they offer only 30 documents per month. If you need more, it’s a large fee ($5 for 3 more). Let’s say you need 100 documents. With a 1 month subscription, you would spend a whopping $160. If this is the case, contact me and I can save you $50 easily. Now, most people probably don’t need that many documents. In fact, most people only need 1 at a time. Very few want more than 3. If that’s you, I can save you $38.50 in minutes. How? Scroll to the bottom to find out.

How much time do you have left in school?

The longer of a subscription you buy from CourseHero, the less it costs per document. Which is how most things go. However, do you really want to buy a full year if you graduate in two months? Of course not, you’ll end up overspending. If you’re studying for finals and want to unblur a Course Hero document, it seems unnecessary to spend money for the summer if you’re not going to be in school.

How to get CourseHero cheaper

CourseHero documents are definitely worth it if it makes the difference between passing or failing an expensive course at your university. It also makes life much easier when cramming because the content is top-notch quality. But it usually isn’t worth the price. Instead, you can get the same documents for much cheaper from me. And the process is very simple. All you have to do is fill out the form on this page and I can unlock the document almost instantly. And as I said earlier in the post, I can easily save you $38.50 and plenty of time studying.

How to Unblur Course Hero?

Hello Internet traveler! You’re likely here because you want a document on CourseHero, but unfortunately it is blurred. Well, I have some good news and bad news. The bad news is that there is no hack, no css trick, and no way to get past the blur without unlocking the document. The even worse news is that you can’t buy a single document- only subscriptions- and it costs $40 for just 1 month. And even then you have a limited number of unlocks. But, never fear! Your CourseHero Hero is here! I buy subscriptions in bulk and pass along the savings to you.

Now, to answer your question. To unblur Course Hero documents, just fill out the form on this very website. This form (hyperlinked) is all you need. So head over there and buy yourself a CourseHero Unlock with excellent service from me. The easiest and most professional seller around.

How to get Instant CourseHero Access

Unlock Study Docs

I work hard to maintain unlocks across all of my accounts. I keep several personal CourseHero accounts on stock in order to ensure that I don’t make you wait for your unlocks and that I can provide for you. Thanks to this and the notifications set up on my phone, I can offer you near instant CourseHero Document unlocks for cheap.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many other sellers distribute cracked premium education accounts that have been hacked or accessed without authorization. However, ABSOLUTELY NO account being used on this listing has been hacked/cracked and ABSOLUTELY NO black-hat or illegitimate methods have been used. All accounts my legitimate accounts, NOT hacked paid premium accounts. All accounts have been created using 100% legitimate methods.

Go ahead, buy a near instant, heavily discounted CourseHero unlock from me. See for yourself why I’m rated highly by my customers. See for yourself why they keep coming back to me. See for yourself why I’ve unlocked thousands of documents. Or pay more for the same product at

Wouldn’t CourseHero be more reliable? Not necessarily

How to view Coursehero docs for free almost
I’ll be your Course Sidekick!

From what I’ve read, Course Hero can take up to 3 days or more for ‘processing your unlocks.’ I’m not sure what processing is required, but it can take them 3 days. Another problem is that their payment system breaks a lot. I am not exaggerating when I say that dozens of times, I’ve had my card denied by Course Hero because their payment system is down. Even when trying to pay through other means, I get the same error message: Payment failed.

Is that what you would call reliable? Taking days to credit accounts assuming that their payment is working is not my definition. Going through customer service doesn’t help either. If you try to go digitally, they ask for your CC number and take more than 24 hours to respond (Mondays-Fridays only). Personally, I don’t trust random minimum age workers that I’m emailing enough to give them open access to my accounts. And then you have to worry about what happens if they’re hacked. Chegg was hacked recently and I’d be willing to bet their business practices are more reliable than Course Hero.

Am I reliable? Well, my average response time is under 30 minutes. That’s 144 times faster than 3 days. Course Hero may not be able to get your document in time for you to finish your homework, prep for your test, etc. but I could. While CourseHero’s payment system may be down, buying an Amazon Gift Card almost certainly will be a viable option. Plus, my site never goes down for scheduled maintenance. I do not keep any records of your details, so if my site gets hacked, none of your information will be leaked. I also run security audits on my site so that you do not have to worry. But, in the eventuality that my website gets hacked, you haven’t given me any personal information, so you will not become a victim.

Given that I beat Course Hero in all these criteria, I would call myself more reliable. I’ve done thousands of unlocks as evidenced by my rep. And according to this post, my customers find me reliable too. If you’re convinced, you should buy here. It may not be how to view CourseHero documents for free, but it’s cheap. Only $1.50 per unlock.

Am I a good seller? Survey Results! Spoiler: Yes

First, we must discuss how the survey was conducted. I have taken a couple of stats classes, but I am by no means a stats major. Surveys like this are going to be biased. There’s no way around it. My typical customer is high school or college-aged (so let’s assume 14-24). Most of my traffic comes from ads on Reddit, so most of my buyers are Redditors. Redditors are mostly male and young. I advertise only in English and accept some payment methods only available in North America. My price is fairly affordable, though, so low bias there. Bottom line demographics: mostly young males from the US and a few from Canada


I did not discriminate who would participate in the survey. Every single person I unlocked a document for received an invitation from a bot to remove bias in that area. The message included that it was both anonymous and short.

There are a couple of neutral background questions about how the post was found and what sites were unlocked, but the questions about my service’s quality are as follows:

  1. How do you believe my unlocks service is priced? (Not going to raise the price on any previous customers, please answer truthfully):
  2. How would you rate the experience overall?

I intentionally clarified that I was not going to raise prices. Note that this is not the same as changing prices. I left it that I would not punish truthfulness to get the most accurate answers. For the second question, I included a 0 option in case anyone believed that I sucked so much to deserve one. It also ensures the average is not skewed from bias.


First, Coursehero is more popular than Chegg. And Scribd is rare, which makes sense. Coursehero is more expensive than Chegg which is more costly than Scribd and Scribd is mostly only if you want to download it. My service is, of course, cheaper than all of them and in some ways, more accessible.

Next, my pricing is more than fair. At the time of posting, 23% of respondents believe it’s too cheap! 72% believe that it’s at the Goldilocks price. Overall, I believe that’s very fair.

Finally, on a scale from 0 to 10 at the time of this post, my average rating is a 9.9. I try my best to do a good job, so it’ll hopefully stay that way. It’s also human nature to not give a perfect 10/10 for even excellent service, so I do not expect a perfect 10/10. You can see my breakdown of votes here. For reviews instead of ratings, check my SLRep.

My customers have spoken. With my number of ratings growing all the time and staying consistently high, you can be sure that by buying from me, you’ll be happy with your results. So, why don’t you give it a try? Buy unlocks here.

Course Hero “Hack”

Just send me a message with payment here if you’re ready to buy. If not, keep on reading.

If you are looking for how to hack a account and get access to a premium membership instead of paying $120 for a few documents, then you are at the right place!

Hacking CourseHero documents or files and downloading them is a matter of a few minutes. It`s also very cheap and economical: almost free.

If you need to unlock any exam answer or solution to a homework assignment or any other file for your test preparation, then all you need to do is just to send me a message using this link with the URL of documents that you need unlocks for and I will unblur it for you, the student in need, in no time.

This way is totally legit and safe. It’s available every single day with excellent customer service. There are no easy tips, tricks, cheats or hacks for course hero, but this way where you can download any document at any time for a very small fee. It’s almost free.

Unlimited unlocks from course hero almost costless to download unlimited files, papers, answers, solutions, problem, answer, checkpoint, outline, final project, Discussion questions (DQs), Individual / Team assignments, course project, case study, you decide, midterm, quiz, Final Exams Solutions, papers, prep test, mock exams, pretests, class notes, pre-assessment, solution guides, Spreadsheets, textbook exercises in word, excel, PowerPoint presentations.

What are you waiting for? Buy here.

Why would I want a Course Hero document?

The better question, in my opinion, is why would you want just one? Coursehero has over 20 million documents uploaded by students just like you. They’re tailored to specific courses at specific schools taught by specific teachers. In other words, you can find all the notes, assignments, labs, quizzes, tests, etc. all on one site. In the thousands of documents I’ve unlocked, I’ve unlocked many tests and quizzes for people, but surprisingly, a few textbooks as well.

College textbooks can cost up to $200, but you could save money and essentially buy the textbook from Course Hero for only $40. But, you could spend only $1.50 to buy it from me. That’s right, only $1.50. This is how to unlock course hero documents cheap. Interested? Buy here.

Unlock Course Hero Now! Almost free Course hero unlock service

How to find the Amazon Gift Card URL

How to find the Amazon Gift Card URL

First, navigate to this page. Input YOUR email address and $1.50 per unlock plus any tip if you’d like. Then click buy now. It will then go to your email (usually within 1-5 minutes). Then proceed to step 2.

How to find the Amazon Gift Card URL

Click this button. Don’t worry, it will not automatically apply to your account. Just click the button and let the next window load. Then proceed to step 3.

How to find the Amazon Gift Card URL

Copy the URL in your address bar when it has finished loading. This is the Amazon GC URL. Send this URL to me.