CourseHero Downloader

If you’re here, you’ve undoubtedly been searching the web for solutions to download Course Hero documents to only find expensive (40 freaking dollars!) or nonworking solutions. I promise that this article isn’t to sell you something over-priced or fake.

If you’re unfamiliar with CourseHero, it is a document-sharing website that has old tests, quizzes, homework, notes, presentations, and everything else students could ask for. Unfortunately, they charge pretty hefty fees. A whopping $40 plus tax per month just isn’t fair for limited access. Depending on your situation, CourseHero may be worth it. However, most students would benefit from our service.

What is our service? We buy Course Hero unlocks in bulk and resell them in smaller packages. By leveraging advertising and wholesaling, we’re able to offer a rate much cheaper than any other reseller out there. So if you want us to become your CourseHero downloader, buy from us and save money.



Course Hero “Hack”

Just send me a message with payment here if you’re ready to buy your Course Hero hack at a 95% discount. If not, keep on reading.

If you are looking for how to hack a account and get access to a premium membership instead of paying $120 for a few documents, then you are at the right place! This technique also does not only apply to just the one website. We also offer our services for websites like Chegg,, StuDocu, OneClass, Scribd, and more! No matter where your answers are, we can try and help you see them without having to pay way too much for them.

Hacking CourseHero documents or files and downloading them is a matter of a few minutes. It’s also very cheap and economical: almost free.

If you need to unlock any exam answer or solution to a homework assignment or any other file for your test preparation, then all you need to do is just to send me a message using this link with the URL of documents that you need unlocks for and I will unblur it for you, the student in need, in no time.

This way is totally legit and safe. It’s available every single day with excellent customer service. There are no easy tips, tricks, cheats, or hacks for course hero, but this way where you can download any document at any time for a very small fee. It’s almost free.

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What are you waiting for? Get your Course Hero hack from us.

[New] Check the last time I responded

Often I get questioned when I’m available and the answer can only be it varies. My schedule shifts dramatically. Things pop up. Events get canceled. Sometimes I get asked for my timezone, but it isn’t a helpful answer. This is because I might stay up until 6 am one day and wake up at 5 am the next. Some days I get an hour of sleep and on other days, I get 10. And in rare cases, I lose wireless service or my battery dies.

So, while my auto-unlocker is your best bet to start with for getting your document quickly, I have built-in analytics to determine the last time I’ve delivered a document. This website is nothing fancy and not perfect, but it does the job most of the time. Amazon gift cards are revokable until I deliver your document so there’s nothing to lose if it doesn’t work. Without further ado, you can check my response times (updates every 5 minutes) here.

By the way, my website uptime for the last month was lower than usual but still greater than 99%!


CourseHero and Chegg Search Engine

If we’re being honest, CourseHero and Chegg both have pretty sucky search engines (CourseHero more so than Chegg). That’s why you’re much better off using Google. However, often Google will show you sketchy download sites that aren’t reliable at all or try to get you to download viruses. Now, you can cut your search time down and stop worrying about the reliability of your information! This custom search engine will show only the most relevant information from reliable sites that I can unlock for you! Save time, money, and hassle with this addition and then buy unblurs from me here.

Proof that Stripe is Trustworthy

Since we have moved to Stripe credit card processing and now require card details, I am making this post to hopefully put new customers at ease. Stripe will process all of your credit card details and we, nor anyone but Stripe, will have access to your card details. But, since this is a company that many have not heard of, I will prove Stripe’s trustworthiness.

Many large companies use Stripe. Some examples are Reddit and Lyft. There’s also a lot of major nonprofits such as Unicef, NPR, Habitat for Humanity, and Kahn Academy. Since these organizations trust stripe, I feel like I can confidently trust them too.

Stripe is also dedicated to the security of your payments. To get technical, all card numbers are encrypted at rest with AES-256. Decryption keys are stored on separate machines. None of Stripe’s internal servers and daemons are able to obtain plaintext card numbers; instead, they can just request that cards be sent to a service provider on a static whitelist. Stripe’s infrastructure for storing, decrypting, and transmitting card numbers runs in separate hosting infrastructure, and doesn’t share any credentials with Stripe’s primary services (API, website, etc.). These standards make Stripe extremely secure. In fact, Stripe is a PCI Service Provider Level 1 which is the highest grade of payment processing security.

To summarize, Stripe handles all your payments safely and securely. I never see your credit card information, so even if you don’t trust me (though you should), you don’t have to. All you have to trust is Stripe, one of the most reputable payment processors out there.