Spending $40 to find answers to your homework on Coursehero? No longer. With this service, it now only costs $2 for an entire document! Even a full textbook is only $2 with my service. I’ve been doing it on Reddit for many years here under the username False1512. Ready to buy? Scroll down.

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My name is u/False1512 from Reddit (currently unfairly suspended, please read this for more information) and I specialize in Course Hero unlocks. I’ve created this website to help more students. You may PM on there or contact me through this website to order. I can save you up to $38 compared to Course Hero and over $3 compared to many of my competitors. So far, I’ve unlocked over 10,000 documents with an average response time under 30 minutes! Not sure you can trust me? Totally understandable. I’ve outlined extensive proof of credibility and have posted a few testamonials from customers.



CourseHero Downloader

If you’re here, you’ve undoubtedly been searching the web for solutions to download Course Hero documents to only find expensive (40 freaking dollars!) or nonworking solutions. I promise that this article isn’t to sell you something over-priced or fake. If you’re unfamiliar with CourseHero, it is a document-sharing website that has old tests, quizzes, homework, …


This is how easy it is to buy! We recently moved from accepting payments through Amazon to an external credit card processor. All payments will be accepted through them and we will not have access to your credit card information. Here is why you can trust that this process is secure. The buy with PayPal option is no longer available, so you must use a credit or debit card on this page. You do not need to create an account. You can use your own credit/debit card.

Paste your Coursehero URL into the corresponding box (if you need to find your document, search here. If you have a link to a CourseHero document that doesn’t show up there, I can still unlock it). Make sure you type everything correctly. If you have multiple documents to be unlocked, you may purchase multiple at a time. Include your URLs in the order information box on checkout. If your payment is less than the number you request, I will not fulfill all of your documents. I will reply to the email provided with the unblurred version. There is no need to message to see if I still provide this service, as I will continue to do this as long as this website is up.



Don’t trust me? That’s perfectly reasonable. This is likely very different from what you’ve seen before. That’s why I’ve gone in-depth to prove that you can trust me to get you your unlocks here.

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